Witches Brew Guided Ghost Tour!!


If you are looking for things to do when you visit New Orleans, this experience is guaranteed to send chills down your spin. Join us for a haunted historic adventure in one of the oldest and creepiest areas of the city. This historic ghost tours takes you on a night-time walking tour of some unique sites in the French Quarter with a ghostly history. This old riverside city is home to some of the most haunted legends with interesting historical facts and more than a few ghosts! As your experienced guide walks you through the darkened streets of the historic French Quarter, you will hear spine-tingling stories about real people, their history, African folklore, Voodoo, and the active ghosts that have made New Orleans their playground for centuries. Your will hear detailed stories of years of research about these out of this world specters,  and personal accounts from people who had paranormal experiences. See the Facebook page.

You will discover the ghostly legends of one of the most haunted cities in the United States. New Orleans is a true melting pot of immigration. African slaves were bought and sold to both French and Spanish landowners. Creole became a term familiar only in this area. Over the years, this city hosted more than its share of pirates, villains, buccaneers, and gangsters to name a few. There is no lack of creepy happenings. When the sun sets, the restless souls of this city’s terrifying past awaken. Join us to hear their stories, some of which have been sadly forgotten, as you are guided through the streets of this historic area of the city. Click here for more information.