Website Malware Removal Guarantees Results

Malware is a malicious software that has evolved into a million dollar business for criminals whose goal is to steal confidential information and data that can be sold to other criminals for profit. Initially, websites were infected by amateurs for fun. Now it is big business. When someone takes control of your website, all types of problems exist. Your customer’s website may be harmed by your infected site. You may lose business and income for the duration that your site is down. Also, the fact that your expensive website is compromised and may be destroyed is cause for concern.

The first step is to minimize the possibility of hacking. All websites run the risk of being hacked. But there are many preventive measures that you can do to make it difficult for hackers. Keep everything updated to the latest version. Content management systems are fantastic tools but must be updated to prevent hackers from entering your site. Your hosting provider has measures in place to deter hackers, but that is not always enough.

Some effective security measures include simple fixes that you can easily do. Using complex passwords makes it almost impossible for hackers to guess your login. Don’t risk using common passwords that are easy to remember. Any plugins that you are not using should be uninstalled, as well as updating all themes and plugins.

By following these simple guidelines, hackers will have a more difficulty entering your site. But if your website has been hacked, it is important to take immediate action to minimize the damage. Contact to remove the malicious software and harden your website against future attacks. Our one-time affordable fee is our guarantee that you will be malware free or your money back. Our competitors require a monthly fee which can add up to quite an expensive investment and is not necessary. Our experienced technicians will have your site back online quickly and efficiently with little downtime.

WordPress Malware Removed!

If your WordPress website has been infiltrated with malicious malware, you may wonder why. WordPress has become so popular in recent years. About twenty-five percent of the websites on the internet are WordPress. As a result, WordPress is an attractive target for these cyber criminals.

The motive for hacking an individual’s site is to make money at your expense. Personal identity may be stolen to take out loans in your name or to empty your bank account by stealing your online banking passwords. Using your server allows the hacker to perform all sorts of tasks because it is not linked to his name. Spam equates to money. Using your server to send thousands of emails is another way to make money.  These cyber criminals insert  hidden links which only the search engines can see to improve rankings for personal gain.

Unsecured WordPress websites are an easy target for these unscrupulous criminals. To protect your WordPress website, it is important to update all plugins and use complicated passwords that are not easy for the hackers to figure out. Much of the hacking is automated as these individuals become more sophisticated.

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